If I say living life is costly in the US these days then it won’t be an overstatement in any case. On top of it, the time to come might be even more difficult when US is planning to attack Syria which can ultimately result into more taxes or inflation in the economy. In this tough economic scenario, people are tending to move towards more debt and more debt can add stress to their life.

It is important to keep in mind that with capital gains lower than £10,600, there are no taxes to be charged with couples. In case you have joint assets as a married couple you can claim a £21,200 allowance. For those who are taxpayers at standard rate,

Credit cards make your shopping much easier when compared to cash. This is the main reason why most Americans prefer to carry credit cards in their wallet. Swiping the credit cards for every purchase that you make has become a habit for almost every one. It is important that you make it a